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Established in 1999 by its CEO Yohan Stern , Key Performance Group is a pioneer in Digital and Relationship Marketing. Its clients come from very diverse sectors such as retail industry, banking, tourism, medias... Key Performance Group assists them in dealing with their digital challenges through a 360° strategy: Traffic and leads acquisition, CRM, Qualification and Monetization, Smart Data, DMP & Marketing Automation, Analytics & BI, Marketing Buzz & Entertainment, Serious games, Audit/Consulting and Project Ownership.
The company collaborates with prestigious brands in USA, France and worldwide: Air France, AOL, Barclays, Coca Cola, Saint James, Smartbox, Sony, Toshiba, Virgin Mobile, Warner Bros., Yahoo…


(and more) industry-leading clients


Countries of intervention


Billions of data used


(and more) projects completed


Adscoria specializes in the acquisition of qualified leads and contacts and solutions for reclassifying and monetizing data bases.

  • Acquisition

  • Increase your ROI: develop solutions to collect targeted and qualified contacts and leads.

  • Reclassification

  • Optimize your conversion rates with declarative and behavioral enrichment, triggers, retargeting…

  • Monetization

  • Generate additional revenue using targeting and scoring for a superior e-CPM.

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The Game and Buzz Factory

The Game and Buzz Factory is a leader in the development of promotional games, applications, buzz operations, and community management... We offer multi-channel solutions for: web, social networks, mobile phone, tablet, and point of sale.


Mediastay is specialized in the acquisition of qualified contacts and leads and in solutions for reclassifying and monetizing your data bases.

  • Data enrichment and Data renting
  • Reclassification and Monetization
  • Performance Marketing
  • Acquisition and engagement
  • Branding

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WMS Consulting

WMS Consulting uses our broad operational experience to bring a pragmatic approach to consulting..
Our expert consultants assist our clients in defining, implementing and optimizing 360° strategies. We assist with acquisition, engagement, and customer loyalty. We offer convenient flat-rate missions and/or month-to-month contracts.
  • Digital Transitioning
  • 360° agile project Monitoring
  • Strategy and Organisation Consulting

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For over 15 years, we have helped leading brands in France and around the world reach their marketing goals.

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